JOAN Launches a New Identity in a Crusade to Reshape the Narrative

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JOAN Launches a New Identity in a Crusade to Reshape the Narrative

Female-founded, independent creative company JOAN has unveiled its new brand identity, marking a significant milestone since its inception in 2016. Known for transforming clients and team members into modern legends, JOAN understands the importance of ensuring every aspect of its brand reflects the badassery of its creators. With this ethos in mind, they introduced a fresh identity rooted in inclusivity and revolution.

In the process of rebranding, JOAN recognized the multitude of stories yet told. While striving for a gender-neutral system, they also acknowledge the intrinsic role gender plays in shaping its identity. A creative agency led by women is still a rarity in an industry largely dominated by men. Yet, JOAN thrives, boasting experience, passion, and leadership across advertising, design, production, and media.

Led by Anjela Freyja, JOAN’s internal design team crafted a visual identity reflecting the agency’s fighting spirit and commitment to growth and inclusivity. The new brand captures JOAN’s expressive, daring, crafted, relevant, and visionary DNA, appealing to corporate clients and cultural influencers.

  • Soulful: Two warm, accessible, and friendly typefaces and candid office and project photography capturing the agency’s direct communication style
  • Daring: An edgy, bold, highly-saturated color palette
  • Crafted: A technical gridded design system that prioritizes attention to detail and technique communicates their craft expertise
  • Relevant: Contemporary digital design, animation, and 3D techniques that flex the team’s savvy and knowledge and highlight the agency’s cultural relevance
  • Visionary: A sharp logo inspired by Joan of Arc’s iconic sword, paying homage to the namesake and the origin of the agency’s name

The design elements, including warm typography, bold colors, technical design systems, and nods to cultural relevance, are complemented by sleek metal materials, reflecting JOAN’s bold personality. This new identity serves as a framework for their global expansion.

Beyond the expected updates to its website and social channels, JOAN’s rebrand includes unique collaborations such as one-of-a-kind merch with Ray’s NYC. While the brand draws inspiration from Joan of Arc, it also esteems other influential figures, embodying a commitment to storytelling and community engagement.

JOAN’s new brand identity is more than just a logo change; it celebrates its past, present, and future, honoring the diverse voices and talents of the JOAN community. Like those who came before them, they embrace their collective history, experiences, and talents, committed to sharing meaningful stories with the world. As they boldly declare, “We are JOAN.”

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