‘Long-er Bao’: Singapore’s The Secret Little Agency Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

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‘Long-er Bao’: Singapore’s The Secret Little Agency Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

The Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon, is set to dawn on February 10, and to commemorate the occasion, The Secret Little Agency has crafted something unique and exclusive – the ‘Long Bao.’ This tongue-in-cheek take on the traditional red packet, or 紅包 (hóng bāo in Mandarin), pays homage to a centuries-old Chinese New Year tradition that dates back to the Han Dynasty in 202 BC.2 BC.

Traditionally filled with money and given as tokens of good wishes, red packets are integral to Chinese New Year celebrations. The Year of the Dragon holds special significance, symbolizing success, honor, and dignity — believed to bring growth, progress, and abundance.

The Secret Little Agency created the Long Bao to celebrate this auspicious year. A play on words, the name is derived from the pronunciation of the Chinese character for dragon, which is ‘lóng’ or ‘loong.’

This dragon year, we decided to extend the red packet and make it long-er.

The Secret Little Agency

Nodding to a rich tradition, The Long Bao also serves up some humor and a contemporary aesthetic, making the symbol of good fortune a unique gift.

This limited edition creation captures the Chinese New Year’s essence and exemplifies The Secret Little Agency’s commitment to creativity and innovation. Founded in 2009, The Secret Little Agency remains the only creative agency in Singapore to be named both Independent and Creative Agency of the Year multiple times in the last decade.

With only 1000 pieces available in this exclusive run, the agency plans to distribute them to friends and partners in Singapore and worldwide. Intrigued? Request your own Long Bao with an email to The Secret Little Agency.

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