Good Things Come in Threes

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Good Things Come in Threes

The design world is ever-evolving, with designers providing creative services for their clients in a multitude of ways. So, we’ve introduced three new categories for the 2024 PRINT Awards.

Brand Collaborations

Who doesn’t love a good collab? They’re seemingly everywhere, from fashion to health and wellness and beyond. Brand collaborations offer a powerful opportunity to unite the visual identities of two distinct entities in a way that reflects both – but stands alone. Collaborations can happen between two brands but also include a brand with an artist, organization, or influencer that amplifies a campaign’s voice, reach, and messaging. When executed well, the intersection can help both parties communicate new messages (including some that address social issues or push industry boundaries) and reach a broader, more diverse audience. And great design makes it more compelling.

Branding Campaigns

Today’s brand campaigns demand a multichannel, multimedia approach. To recognize all it takes to create a brand campaign that covers every angle, from print to environmental, packaging, UX and UI, and more, the PRINT Awards have created a category that encourages designers to share your full campaign creations, from logo to app design to merch.

Packaging Design

What makes a product jump off the shelf? Creative packaging design can take a product’s success from good to outstanding. Creativity comes in every shape, color, size, and material. We’re excited to add the packaging design category to this year’s awards to consider how successful packaging design can attract consumers, communicate the brand message, protect the product, and – with sustainable materials – protect the planet.

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