Month: February 2024

Go.Compare, the UK’s renowned price comparison website, has undergone a fun and energetic transformation spearheaded by Ragged Edge, a London-based creative agency known for its bright and bold branding strategies. Founded in November 2006 by a team of insurance experts, Go.Compare has long been recognized for its meticulous approach to comparing various products and services, […]

This week’s lookbook explores eight peaceful residential interiors that feature expansive glazing and floor-to-ceiling windows framing verdant views. These eight projects all use oversized or unusually shaped windows in clever ways, creating interiors that embrace nature and forge welcome connections to the outdoors. Among this list of projects is an urban home renovation in Sydney […]

For our latest lookbook, we’ve gathered eight stylish closed staircases, ranging from a winding wooden spiral staircase to a light-filled “stairway to heaven”. Closed staircases – stairs that have been framed so that the threads and risers aren’t visible from the side – have become a popular search term on Dezeen’s Pinterest board. While they […]

Extreme Reach has long been a cornerstone of the entertainment industry, offering essential services in asset management and payroll assistance for advertisers. However, its role has transcended traditional functions. Each day, Extreme Reach mines its vast reservoir of industry data to uncover valuable insights, shaping the trajectory of entertainment. Their recent rebranding initiative signals a […]

Grabbing consumers’ attention on crowded shelves requires a truly distinctive visual identity. Especially in the beverage market flooded with seltzers, canned cocktails, and ciders. Thorntail, a new player in this competitive arena, turned to the creative minds at People People to develop a brand that would not only stand out but resonate deeply with consumers. […]

From a local gem to a global force, the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) unveiled its first significant brand update in over a decade. This refresh encompasses a refined brand strategy marking a new era for NYBG — with the focus on strengthening ties with the local community while extending environmental efforts globally. NYBG partnered with Wolff […]

Dubbed the first major design trend of 2024, our latest lookbook collects cosy, lived-in interiors that embody the “bookshelf wealth” aesthetic movement taking over social media. While using books for interior decoration is not a new idea, it has been brought back into focus by a now-viral TikTok video posted in December by San Diego-based interior […]

Although more commonly associated with industrial applications, furnishings made of cool-toned steel, aluminium and chrome are infiltrating every room of the home. This lookbook rounds up eight living spaces that show how it’s done. In recent years, a growing cohort of young designers has been experimenting with humble, industrial metals – often using only one […]

Art is a resonant source in a near-constant orbit around my life and work, so I was immediately drawn to Bianca Bosker’s new book. Get The Picture titillates as a peek inside the closed society of fine art, as the author infiltrates art dimensions that mere mortals dare not enter. The hallowed art halls are […]

From monolithic concrete pillars to ornately decorated columns, this lookbook collates ten living room interiors that embrace existing structural columns. It is not always cost-effective or practical for designers and architects to remove preexisting columns from interiors, especially if they are load-bearing and thus vital to the structural integrity of the building. In the past, the […]