Month: January 2024

If you’re anything like me, the phrase ‘tax season’ sends a primordial shudder down my spine. Thankfully, with the digitization of tax filing and the proliferation of apps, gone are the days of hauling out the dusty receipt box once a year to jigsaw your return together like a manic crime scene detective.. In this […]

Every morning, when I get ready for my day, I put on a pair of silver bracelets I inherited from my grandmother. One comprises small circles fused together in a large, wrist-sized ring, and the other is a thin cuff with a slight twist in the metal. My mom has told me that my grandmother […]

What makes a great artist? It is a lofty question, no doubt, with many answers, non-answers, and half-answers in between. And while there’s no definitive formula for great art, no silver bullet for creative genius, certain qualities are common denominators. For me, constant experimentation and genuine creative curiosity are core tenets for great artistic minds […]